Your Results

You will be able to see your results through the patient portal. Please contact reception for information on how you can access the portal.

Most results will be commented with key-words, like abnormal, acceptable, or prescribed by external provider (no action required).

Some tests can take 2 to 4 weeks to come back, like zinc or red blood cell magnesium. If you are worried that you have not been contacted after 4 weeks, please send an email to reception,, to receive an explanation.

Bioscreen results can up to take 8 weeks to come back, as well as other integrative tests.

At Holistic Options we value discussion about blood tests and other investigation results. Usually, we ask patients to book a consultation to review them.

If there is a significant abnormal result you will be contacted quickly so we can ensure good care.

If there are non-concerning abnormal results, meaning non-urgent, you will be asked to come back for a review. For normal results, you may or may not be contacted. It will depend on what was discussed during the consultation regarding potential follow up or not.